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Holey graphene membrane voted Molecule of the Year by C&EN journal

Readers of the journal of the American Chemical Society have voted this graphene membrane with pores controlled at the atomic scale as the best molecule of 2018. The material was presented in Science in a joint article by researchers from the ICN2, CiQUS and DIPC.

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Science Week at the ICN2

ICN2 researchers were involved in a number of dissemination activities held during Science Week (9-18 November 2018). The figure of Richard Feynman and science aimed at young girls were the theme of some of the events in which the ICN2 participated during this intense week.

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AMS researchers synthetise superlattice arrays of ultra-long graphene nanoribbons

The new work has been highlighted in the back cover of Chemical Communications. It is the latest contribution of the ICN2 Atomic Manipulation and Spectroscopy Group to the on-surface synthesis of atomically precise nanostructures.

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